• East Fallowfield Code of Ordinances

    For the complete East Fallowfield Code of Ordinances, please click here.  To search multiple municipalities' codes (including East Fallowfield) for specific topics, please click here.
  • East Fallowfield Tax Collector

  • Traffic Counts in East Fallowfield

    In the next few weeks, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) will be performing traffic counts in our municipality.

    DVRPC routinely collects travel volume information in the nine counties comprising the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Counts are typically collected at the request of your state DOT to fulfill Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) program requirements, at the request of the county planning/engineering office, or in support of planning staff evaluating transportation system performance or improvements. This involves DVRPC staff laying a rubber tube across roadway facilities for approximately 48 hours (to gather daily traffic volumes) or manually recording traffic from a vehicle parked near an intersection (to gather turning movement information). These efforts will not interfere with normal traffic operations on these facilities.

    We invite you to visit the traffic counting section of our website (www.dvrpc.org ), where all of our traffic count information is available to the public. Once on our website, simply choose Products and Services | Traffic Counts from the Resources menu. You will be offered a choice of viewing a map of all of our traffic count locations or searching counts by county, municipality or road name.

  • Hibernia Dam Emergency Action Plan

    To view a copy of Chester County's Hibernia Dam Emergency Action Plan click here .
  • Email List Sign-up

    In an effort to make our communication with the residents of East Fallowfield Township quicker and easier, the Township is gathering resident's e-mail addresses. In the future this information will be used to send updates, reminders and e-newsletters. This information will be for Township use only and will not be shared.

    In order to announce this venture, there will be a drawing sponsored by the Park and Recreation Committee, with the prize being a $100 gift certificate to The Whip Tavern on Chatham Road, donated by P&R members. A winner will be chosen from all East Fallowfield Township e-mail address entries received by October 20,2009. One entry per family. The winner will be chosen at the October 27 Township Meeting.

    Signing up is easy!  Just add your household's email address to the box on the left, and click "GO".  You will be taken to a form which requires your name, address and phone number. Once you submit that form, you are officially signed up and entered in the drawing.

    Thank you for joining us in this effort to improve communication between East Fallowfield Township and its residents.

  • East Fallowfield Township PD Launches Click It or Ticket

    East Fallowfield Township PD Launches Click It or Ticket To Help Save Lives

    Enforcement Blitz ‘Buckling Down’
    On Those Not Buckled Up—Day and Night

    East Fallowfield, PA - During 2007, more than 14,000 people in passenger vehicles died in crashes while unbelted.  About half of these lives could have been saved if they had been wearing seat belts at the time of the crash.  As sad as this statistic is, the numbers are even worse at night than during the day, according to new figures released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • Online Sewer Survey - Please Return by 6/30/2009

    East Fallowfield is gathering information to determine what sewage problems may exist in the Towhship that would affect the current quality and safety of our drinking water.  Please fill out and return this form concerning your water supply and waste water disposal system by June 30, 2009.
  • NOTICE: JAG Program Award Process

    The East Fallowfield Township Board of Supervisors will consider for approval at the April 14, 2009, regularly scheduled Work Session an Inter-Municipal Government Agreement between East Fallowfield Township and the County of Chester for the Recovery Act: Justice Administration Grant (JAG) Program Award of $10,106.00.  more information
  • Neighborhood Watch Informational Meeting

    There will be a  Neighborhood Watch Informational Meeting sponsored by the East Fallowfield Police Department on February 19, 2009, at 7pm at the Hephzibah Baptist Church. All are welcome to attend.

    Neighborhood Watch Informational Meeting
    Thursday, February 19, 2009, 7:00 PM
    Hephzibah Baptist Church

    7:00  PM Introductions
    7:05  PM Crime in EF Township & Modena. See note below (1).
    7:25  PM What is Neighborhood Watch and how does it differ from Town Watch
    7:35  PM How is it organized?
         Separate from gov’t and HOA’s organization?
         Role of NHW Coordinator – Block Captains
    7:45 PM Crime Prevention/Operation ID
    7:50 PM How to report suspicious persons and vehicles.
    8:00 PM Next Step
    8:10 PM Questions

    (1) Residents interested in learning more about crime and police activity in East Fallowfield Township and the Borough of Modena are encouraged to read the police monthly reports found on the Township’s web-site. Look in Links for police documents.

  • Burglary Arrest

    In a press release dated November 10, 2008, Chief Mango wrote:

    East Fallowfield- Charges were filed today against two juveniles for the burglaries of a house located in the 200 block of Wilmington Road, East Fallowfield. An officer conducting an investigation of a credit card theft learned that two township juveniles, a 12 year old male and a 15 year old male entered the residence through an unlocked rear door on two occasions: October 14, 2008 and October 28, 2008, taking video games, music players, cellular telephones and other property with an estimated value of $2,500. The officer contacted the homeowner who reported that he noticed some items missing but was unaware that he was the victim of a crime. Some of the property was recovered and returned to the victim. Both juveniles were charged with burglary, theft and receiving stolen property and released to their parents pending action by juvenile court authorities.


  • Flood Insurance Information

    While many residents whose dwellings are in a FEMA designated flood plain have flood insurance, not all are aware that flash floods and sheet flow damage outside the designated flood plains also require flood insurance coverage in case of flood related losses.  Click here for some helpful information from FEMA's website. Click more to read the article "Flood Insurance Can be A Wise Investment".

  • Regional Alert System

    To register your email address, phone, or PDA to receive regional alerts, please visit this website: www.readynotifypa.org.
  • A Message From Chief Mango

    To view an important message from your Police Chief, please click on the photo!{gallery}speeding:200:150:2{/gallery}
  • Award Presentation to an East Fallowfield Police Officer

    Chief Mango Presents Officer Marquette
    Courtesy of Westwood Fire Company
    On Tuesday, February 26th, 2008 Westwood Fire Company's Assistant Chief Sly attended the monthly East Fallowfield Township meeting to be a part of a Meritorious Service Award presentation to Police Officer David Marquette.  For the complete story including great photos, please visit the Westwood Fire Company Website.
  • January Police Department Report

    The January Police Department Report is available here.  Copies are also available at the township building.
  • Update on New Local Services Tax

    This is to update you on the status of pending legislation affecting the EMS tax. Among other things, the legislation requires municipalities to adopt an income level exemption for the tax and requires employers to withhold the tax on a pro rata basis throughout the tax year. The bill is on the Governor’s desk and he has indicated that he will sign the bill into law. The Township will have to amend its EMS tax ordinance once the bill becomes law. The changes do not take effect until January 1, 2008. A brief summary of the major points of the bill is below:

    1.     The tax will no longer be referred to as the Emergency Services Tax. The tax will be called the Local Services Tax (the “LST”) .  

    2.    The legislation expands the permitted uses of the proceeds derived from the LST. The permitted uses include: (a) emergency services which shall include emergency medical services, police services, and/or fire services; (b) road construction and/or maintenance; (c) property tax reduction; and (d) property tax relief through the implementation of a farmstead and homestead exclusion. 

    3.     The Township must use at least 25% of the funds derived from the LST for emergency services.  

    4.     If the LST is greater than $10, the Township must exempt from the tax all persons whose total earned income and net profits from all sources within the township is less than $12,000 for the calendar year in which the tax is imposed. If the LST is $10 or less, the Township has the option to adopt the income level exemption. Income level exemption is optional. The legislation includes the procedure for a taxpayer who wants to claim the exemption.

    5.     The Township must exempt from the tax: (a) any person who served in any war or armed conflict in which the United States was engaged and is honorably discharged or released under honorable circumstances from active service, if, as a result of the military service the person is blind, paraplegic or a double or quadruple amputee or has a service connected disability which is a 100% disability; and (b) any person who serves as a member of a reserve component of the armed forces and is called to active duty at any time during the taxable year.  

    6.     The legislation requires employers to withhold the tax on a pro rata basis over the entire calendar year.  

    7.    The Township must adopt regulations governing the processing of refunds for overpaid LTS. The Township does not have to pay interest on the refunded LTS if the refund is made within 75 days of a refund request or 75 days after the last day the employer is required to remit the tax to the Township.  


    This is a highlight of the substantive areas that must be addressed in each Township’s ordinance. There are some additional provisions that will have to be included from a legal standpoint. As indicated before, the Governor is expected to sign the bill into law. We will keep you updated on the status and let you know when (and if) the Governor signs the bill into law. Click here for a copy of the bill.



  • Noise Ordinance Amendment

    To review the proposed Noise Ordinance Amendment, click here.
  • PA Crime Stoppers - Arson Investigation

    Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers


    Case #  1238
    Crime:  Arson, Attempted Arson
    Release Date:  December 3, 2007

    The Pennsylvania State Police, Troop J, Embreeville Station are investigating multiple Arson fires that occurred in East Fallowfield Township and Coatesville City, Chester County, Pennsylvania.
    On Wednesday, November 21, 2007 between 7:23 p.m. and 10:45 p.m., three separate fires occurred in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
    The first fire occurred at 7:23 p.m., at a vacant log cabin located in a field off of Buck Run Road, East Fallowfield Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania.  The log cabin was built in the 1800's and was listed a Historic building.  The cabin was a complete fire loss and the estimated fire damage was $10,000.
    The second fire occurred at 9:45 p.m., at a commercial business located on Fleetwood Street, Coatesville City, Chester County, Pennsylvania.  The garage/warehouse style building was severely damaged as a result of the fire.  Estimated fire loss to the structure and the contents was $500,000.
    At 10:45 p.m., an attempted arson occurred at an occupied residence located on Doe Run Road, East Fallowfield Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania.  An ignitable liquid was poured on the exterior of the residence.  However, the suspect(s) fled the scene prior to igniting it.
    Investigators believe all three fires are related.

    If you have information on these "Crimes" or any serious crime or wanted person, call Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers Toll Free at 1-800-4PA-TIPS.  All callers remain anonymous and could be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2,000.00.
    All information is accurate as of Release Date.
  • November Police Report

    The November Police Deparment Report is available here.

  • Open Space Design Ordinance

    The Open Space Design Ordinance that is on the agenda for the October 30 Township Meeting can be viewed here.
  • From the Game and Wildlife Commission

    If you see a dead dear on the roadway call the Game Commission at 610-926-3136. The Township is not able to remove them.
  • September 07 Monthly PD Reports

    The monthly police report for September 2007 can be found here.

    The monthly police department citation report for September can be found here.


    The City of Coatesville is conducting a survey to develop a strategy for improving shopping opportunities — retail products and all types of services — in the city. We need your help and ideas. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions on this form.

    The survey may be printed out and returned to the township office.

  • Photo Gallery of Old Mortonville.

    Please click on an image below to begin the slide show - then click on the right or the left side of the enlarged photo to view the next image, or on the close button at the bottom to end the slide show.

    These historic photos, donated by Rick Rasmussen to the East Fallowfield Historic Commission, are reproductions of photographs given to Rick by Jimmy Lee.



  • Photo Gallery of Old Mortonville.

    Please click on an image below to begin the slide show - then click on the right or the left side of the enlarged photo to view the next image, or on the close button at the bottom to end the slide show.

    These historic photos, donated by Rick Rasmussen to the East Fallowfield Historic Commission, are reproductions of photographs given to Rick by Jimmy Lee.



  • PECO's Low Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP)

    PECO's Residential Low Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP) can help you lower the amount of gas and electricity used in your home. Through the program, weatherization measures are installed in your home and you receive conservation education. The program is free of charge. To see if you are eligible for this program, call 1-800-675-0222.  For more information, please see the PECO/EXELON website.
  • Chester County School of Government

    If you are a citizen of Chester County and would like to know more about all your county services, reserve your place at the Chester County School of Government.  Tuesdays, 6 - 7:30 pm, September 25 through November 13, 2007.

    For more information, click here, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 610-344-4404.

  • Storm Water Management (MS4)

    You can find information about Storm Water Management on this website under "Community Life" - "The Environment".
  • Proposal for New Position of Township Manager

    A new position of Township Manager is under consideration. To read a draft of an ordinance to establish the position, click here.
  • About The Treasury Department

    The PT Bookkeeper for East Fallowfield Township is Pam Costello. She can be reached at 610-384-7144, x 102.

  • July 07 Monthly Report Posted

    The July 2007 Police Department's Monthly Report is available  at July_07_Monthly_Report.
  • August 07 Monthly Report Posted

    The August 2007 Police Department's Monthly Report is available at August_07_Monthly_Report.
  • Inspections

    To call for an inspection, call Rob McLarnon at 484-325-0041 from 8am-3pm.
  • Police Officer Recruitment

    Resumes are accepted continuously for part-time police officers. Applicants must have completed a recognized PA municipal police academy, and meet all the standards established by the PA Municipal Police Officer's Education & Training Commission. See the MPOETC website section titled "Rules& Regulations" for details. http://www.mpoetc.state.pa.us/mpotrs/site/default.asp

    Resumes may be mailed or dropped off to either the township building or police station.

  • EFPD Photo Gallery

    Please click on an image below to begin the slide show - then click on the right or the left side of the enlarged photo to view the next image, or on the close button at the bottom to end the slide show.

    Following photos show: March 2007- Manhunt for an armed suspect on Doe Run Road. Photos by Tom Kelly DLN (photos 1 through 7) and Western Chester County Emergency Response Team (WCCRT) Training Operations (photos 8 through 10). 


  • EFPD Photo Gallery

    Please click on an image below to begin the slide show - then click on the right or the left side of the enlarged photo to view the next image, or on the close button at the bottom to end the slide show.

    Following photos show: March 2007- Manhunt for an armed suspect on Doe Run Road. Photos by Tom Kelly DLN (photos 1 through 7) and Western Chester County Emergency Response Team (WCCRT) Training Operations (photos 8 through 10). 


  • Who answers East Fallowfield's FAQs?

    Linda Hart and Denise Miller.


  • What is a FAQ?

    A FAQ is a Frequently Asked Question.

  • Emergency Management Institute

    With the recent flooding in June and the storm and power outage in July, now is a good time to encourage residents and business owners to review disaster preparedness. The Federal Emergency Management Agency offers a number of free on-line courses that can help people prepare for disasters and for the critical 72 hours until state and federal assistance arrives. The courses are available at http://training.fema.gov/EMIWeb/IS/. This link brings up the "EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE" page. On the left side there is a blue box "FEMA Independent Study". Click on the second item "Our Courses". Two courses that are especially appropriate are:

    IS - 22 Are you Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness.

    IS - 394. A Protecting Your Home or Small Business From Disaster.

    AT http://www.redcross.org/services/prepare/0,1082,0239,00.html the AMERICAN RED CROSS HAS PREPAREDNESS INFORMATION FOR HOME, SCHOOL, WORK AND THE COMMUNITY.

    Residents can get hands on training and experience in immediate disaster response by participating in the 16-hour Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) classes that are conducted by the Department of Emergency Services and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Red Cross. The basic CERT concept is "Neighbors Helping Neighbors". Topics include: Disaster Preparedness, Fire Safety, First Aid, Light Search and Rescue, and Disaster Psychology. To enroll, call the Department of Emergency Services at (610) 344-5000. If you need further information, please call the Department of Emergency Services at (610) 344-5000.

  • Chester County Hero Fund


    Acme Markets has agreed to donate 1% of the cash value to the Chester County Hero, Fund www.chestercountyherofund.com. Receipts may be mailed to the police station, 2274 Strasburg Road, East Fallowfield, PA 19320 or dropped off at the station or the Township Building, or given to any Township Police Officer.

  • Landscapes Survey

    The Chester County Board of Commissioners and the County Planning Commission need your help. We are embarking on an update to Landscapes, The County's policy plan of 1996.

    As the First step in this process, we plan to conduct a public opinion survey concerning public planning issues during he months of February and March. This survey will be performed primarily over the Interent.

    To encourage residents, businesses and interested parties in your municipality to take the survey on-line, we are seeking your municipality's assistance.


  • Suspicious Persons/Emergency Alert System

    If there are alerts about suspicious person(s) or an emergency, you will receive calls from the East Fallowfield Police or Chester County Emgergency System announcing these alerts. The number that will show on your caller ID is 610-383-7531.
  • Suggestion Form

  • Request for Information Form

  • Accident Report Request Form

  • Minor Crimes Report Form

  • About Parks and Recreation



    Committee Members


    Peter Massaro 

    Vice Chairman:

    Joe Dietrich


    Ken Hanson


    Jeanne Berlin


    Cheryl Hanson

    Jan Bowers

    Brian Carling

    Non-voting Member:

    Joe Bradley

    Sue Massaro


    Contact the Parks and Recreation Department by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


    The East Fallowfield Park and Recreation Committee is looking for members. If interested please call Denise at 610-384-7144. The committee is looking for dedicated residents to join their efforts.

  • About the Police Department




    East Fallowfield Police provides primary police coverage with supplemental coverage by The Pennsylvania State Police. All requests for police services should be made by calling 911 then the dispatcher will send the appropriate police agency.

    The Police Department is located at 475 Doe Run Road in East Fallowfield.

    Mailing Address:
    2264 Strasburg Rd
    East Fallowfield, PA 19320.

    (610) 384-9163
    (610) 384-9188 (fax)
    Animal Control (610)384-9163


    Police Chief:

    Peter J. Mango



    Edward Masterstefone


    K-9 Officer:

    Taz (M) - Malinois



    Christopher Porter



    Samantha Harper



    Kevin Simmons



    Brian Simmons



    Rich McAllister



    Robert Story



    Dave Marquette



    Gina Ciminera


    Administrative Asst:

    Nancy Baker
    (hrs. 7:15 am- 12:15 pm)




    Chief Mango has been employed by East Fallowfield Township since 1984, assuming the role of Officer In Charge of the part time police department in 1985. He later was appointed as Police Chief and in 1998 took on the additional role as the department's K-9 officer. Chief Mango has completed 2 yrs of study in criminal justice at West Chester University, is a certified EMS first responder, and completed police administration management courses at Penn State University. The Chief is married and has two children.
  • Domestic Violence

    Domestic Violence

    Warning Signs

    Has your partner ever...

    • hit, grabbed, strangled, bitten, burned, slapped or pushed you?
    • used a gun or knife or some kind of weapon against you?
    • hit you with some object like a bat or pan or belt?
    • hit, held or squeezed you shard that it left a bruise?
    • threatened to hurt or to kill you or your children or your friends?
    • withheld money, food, medicine or transportation from you?
    • called you names, made you feel ashamed of yourself, humiliated you?
    • put you down in front of your children, your friends, your boss?
    • forced you to have sex when you did not want to?
    • forced you to perform sexual acts you did not want to?
    • destroyed or broken your possessions?
    • threatened to harm or kill himself if you do or don't do something?
    • abuses or kills pets?

    Safety Plan

    Safety during an explosive incident:

    • Identify which door, window or stairwell offers the quickest way out of your home. Practice your route.
    • Find neighbors that you can tell about the violence and ask that they call the police if they hear a disturbance.

    Safety when preparing to leave:

    • Have a bag packed and ready. Keep it hidden but easy to get to, for instance, at the house of a trusted friend or relative.
    • Leave money, an extra set of keys, copies of important documents, extra medicines and clothes with someone you trust so you can leave quickly.


    Q. What is a Protection Order?

    A. Protection Orders are similar but not identical to what had been called Restraining Orders or Peace Bonds. A Protection Order is a civil order issued by a judge that directs a person (The Defendant) to have no contact with you ("The Petitioner"). The Defendant cannot contact you in person, by telephone or computer, or through another party. Also, the Defendant will not be allowed to possess a firearm while the Protection Order is in effect.

    Q. Who can apply for a Protection Order?

    A. A person who is or has been a victim of domestic or family violence may file a petition for an order for protection against a family or household member who commits an act of domestic or family violence. If you are a victim or parent or legal guardian of a victim of domestic or family violence committed by a family or household member you may file a petition for protection and a request for a hearing. A judge or magistrate will decide if you have legal grounds for the granting of a Protection Order.

    Q. What acts are considered to be "domestic or family violence"?

    A. Only the following acts qualify as domestic or family violence:

    Attempting to cause, threatening to cause, or causing physical harm to another or family or household member without legal justification; Placing a family or household member in fear of physical harm without legal justification; Causing a family or household member to involuntarily engage in sexual activity by force, threat of force, or duress; Stalking; or Sexual offense.

    Q. Who is considered to be a family or household member?

    A. In order to qualify to tile a petition for a Protection Order you must be able to describe your relationship with the Defendant (person to be restrained) as your family or household member:

    • The Defendant is, or used to be, my spouse;
    • The Defendant and I are dating, or have dated, each other;
    • The Defendant and I are, or have been, engaged in a sexual relationship;
    • The Defendant and I have a child in common;
    • The Defendant and I are related by blood or adoption;
    • The Defendant and I are related by marriage;
    • The Defendant is, or used to be: My guardian; My ward; My custodian; My foster parent; or I am a minor child of a person in one of the types of relationships listed above.
    • The Defendant has committed stalking against me.
    • The Defendant has committed a sex offense against me.

    If your relationship with the Defendant is not described above, the Court will not grant your petition for a Protection Order.

    Q. Can Protection Orders for victims of stalking and sexual offenses only be obtained against family or household members?

    A. No. Protection Orders can be obtained for victims of stalking and sexual offenses against non-family or non-household members if the person has committed the act of stalking or a sexual offense against the Petitioner for the Protection Order.

    Q. Can I apply for a Protection Order against my neighbor with whom I cannot get along?

    A. No. If you have a legal problem with a neighbor you should talk with a lawyer to find out about your options. If the dispute includes harassment or abuse you can also file a report with the police. If criminal charges are filed against the person who is harassing or abusing you, you may be able to obtain a No Contact Order as part of the criminal case. If you are not certain whether the problem with your neighbor amounts ta crime, you can contact the police department and speak to the officer on duty.

    Q. What information will I need in order to till out the Petition?

    A. You must have the following information about the Defendant to request a Protection Order:

    • Correct full name;
    • Correct and current address; and
    • Correct date of birth or Social Security Number.

    Additional information that will be helpful to have about the Defendant:

    • Identifying characteristics of the Defendant, such as:
      • Race
      • Hair color
      • Height
      • Weight
      • Scars
      • Tattoos
    • Employer's name and address
    • Telephone number(s)
    • Addresses frequented by the Defendant

    Q. How long is a Protection Order valid?

    A. Protection Orders are valid for up to two(2) years from the date of issuance.

    Q. Is my Protection Order enforceable outside of the state in which it was originated?

    A. Protection Orders are enforceable in all fifty states. You should keep a copy of your Protection Order with you at all times.

    Q. What if I have a Protection Order that was issued in another county or state?

    A. The Protection Order will still be in effect, but you should keep a copy of your Protection Order with you at all times and register the Protection Order with the local police so that the local law enforcement agencies will have a copy on file.

    For more information,please visit the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County
  • Mission Statement - Parks and Recreation

    To facilitate the development and maintenance of safe and accessible passive and active park and recreational facilities to meet the identified needs and interests of the residents of East Fallowfield Township, Pennsylvania.
  • Welcome to East Fallowfield's New Website!

    This site is still under construction. If you have any comments, please email our web designer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Or you can phone her at 610-486-6816.

    Speakman Bridge
    Speakman Bridge


2264 Strasburg Road
East Fallowfield, PA  19320
610-384-7143 (fax)
Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm


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