In August 2020, The East Fallowfield Park and Recreation Board sent a survey to Township residents asking, What matters to you? We wanted to know how our residents see the park as well as what types of events and additions would matter most. We received 216 responses. Click below to see  a summary of results from the survey, which the Park Board will use to guide our future plans.
Current plans that will be completed late this fall include a new restroom facility, as well as new tree plantings and improvements to the pond.

Summary of Results
1. Do you or a member of your household use the park?
a. 70% of respondents answered Yes
2. If you or a member of your family uses the park, how often do you use it?
a. 32% of respondents use the park once a month, 21% a few times a month, 20% one or more times a week
3. What features do you like most about the park? (Pick Top 2)
a. Trails (with 77% of respondents agreeing) and Open Space (44% of respondents)
4. What features do you dislike or recommend needs improvement? (Pick Top 2)
a. Parking and Trails were the #1 and 2 answers respectively
5. What new features would you like to see added to the park? (Pick Top 3)
a. More Trails (42%), Butterfly/Bee garden (34%) and Stocked Pond (31%) were the top 3 responses.
6. Given the ongoing cornavirus pandemic, how likely are you to attend an outdoor event this year?
a. 40% were not likely or unlikely to attend, 27% were very likely or likely to attend with the remaining 33% unsure
7. What types of events are you likely to attend? (pick all that apply)
a. Farmers Market was the most requested event with 77%, followed by Food Festival (50%), Movie night (47%), Concert, Craft Fair and Country Fair all received 38%

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